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Public Sector

Energy Solutions

Source affordable renewable energy from your own community.

Our solar and energy storage projects provide an opportunity for you to invest in local renewable energy that both reduces your operational costs and boosts your community engagement. 

Save with Local Solar

You don’t have to break the bank to invest in local renewable energy. When you purchase energy from our solar and energy storage projects, you won’t have any of the upfront costs or expensive capital investments required for onsite systems. 

Through our flexible power purchase agreements, you not only get energy savings from day one, but you also benefit from predictable, steady energy rates over the long term. Sourcing reliable energy from local microgrid projects also increases your energy security, protecting your organization from high costs or unsafe conditions due to grid power outages. 

The process is easy and seamless. Through our end-to-end support, we take care of everything and you get to enjoy predictable lower rates for your renewable energy.

Boost Community Impact

Our projects are locally sourced, so they don’t just help you meet your critical energy needs; they also enhance your commitment to environmental stewardship and support of your community. 

When you procure your energy from local solar and energy storage projects, you also positively impact your community by driving job creation and advancement of clean energy in your community.

Get in contact with the Renewable America team today. 


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