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Welcome to Renewable America.

RNA | Think Local. Act Local.

Renewable America is a leading provider of distributed energy resources, serving communities with small utility-scale, locally generated solar plus storage facilities and community microgrids that work in conjunction with the distribution grid.

Dedicated to a Resilient Energy Future

With over 15 years of experience in development, engineering, procurement, and construction throughout Europe and North America, Renewable America creates resilience within communities by delivering local power to local loads. Our end-to-end development process maximizes quality and efficiency while minimizing the lasting environmental impact on the site. Based in Santa Clara, Renewable America has over 320 megawatts MW of solar and 680 MWh of energy storage projects under development throughout California.

Clean Energy for All Communities

Our team at Renewable America is made up of experienced renewable energy professionals committed to enhancing community resiliency through strategically designed solar and storage projects. Our vision is to enable every community member to have access to Clean Power, and we are driven by our goal to develop and operate 500 MW of solar power generation within the next five years.


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