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Renewable America’s Ardi Arian to speak at ‘Protecting Your City From Wildfire’

3rd Annual Infocast Virtual Conference on ‘Protecting Your City from Wildfire’: April 19 – 20, 2022

California and the West continue to be pummeled by ever larger and more devastating wildfires. The trend is intensifying, with six of the ten largest fires in the state occurring just in the past two years. Communities are under growing pressure to become far more proactive in order to save lives and structures from fire. The very survival of many communities — in both physical and economic terms — is at risk, and that risk is rising.

Infocast has organized this third annual version of this critical event Protecting Your City from Wildfire in order to provide exactly the information you and your community need to manage this deadly situation. The remarkable reputation this event has earned over the past two years is well deserved, as it brings together a uniquely comprehensive group of key players including civic officials, first responders, regulators, utilities, equipment providers, public health experts, as well as state and federal agencies in order to provide definitive briefings about new federal and CA state funding pathways, evolving regulation requirements, and other critical information.

Ardi Arian will be speaking at the virtual event, which takes place from April 19 to 20, 2022.


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